Monday, May 3, 2010

Trip two to the Zoo

Our second trip to the zoo was a success!  It didn't rain the entire time we were there!  All the animals came out to meet Miss Elleanor!

I love Woodland Park zoo as it is more of a wildlife reserve in the sense that all animals are together that would be in nature.  Well, except the mean ones, they are seperate.  I guess no one wants to see a lion take down a zebra as it would be a hard one to explain to the kiddos.  Note the Monkey in the tree, ducks on the left, and part of the Zebra's tail.  Hippos were also in this same exhibit.

Don't you just want to cuddle up with this leopard?? So pretty and mellow!

This is what I think would have happened if  Bad Goat bred with a deer... Ah, bad goat, I really don't miss you at all!

Elle checking everything out! 
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Ken and Sydnie said...

She certainly looks interested in the animals. She looks so grown up in the hat.

Oergel said...

It took me a minute to get trip two to the zoo - how clever! Great photo of Elle checking out the animals - the tiger photo is my favorite.

Oergel said...

Oops I meant Leopard - I've been out in the country too long! Looks like I might need to tag along sometime when you travel to the zoo.