Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here batter, batter!

I took the kids.  Okay, side note.  It sounds crazy to me still to say kids, plural!  Ha!  Anyways, I took the kids (hee hee) to see Colby's softball game.  He was the pitcher and did a great job!  The lost the first game but won the second one!

Baylor enjoyed basking in the evening sun.

Check out Elle in the background running around like mad.  She really enjoyed  the open space in which she could run her imaginary horse!

Grandma and Grandpa S even stopped by to watch the game.  Elle is showing Grandpa her new game on my iphone while Baylor told Grandma all his troubles.

Elle thought it was fun to sit in Baylor's carseat and rock with him.

Elle gave Daddy some love during the game.

After the game cheers!

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Beavor Lake Family Reunion

We headed out to Beaver Lake for Colby's Dad's side Family reunion.

Elle checked out the shuffle board this year...

...and showed she is already game for Boca Raton!

Elle challenged Grandma and Grandpa S to a game.

Colby with his cousin's Sarah, Erik, and Ondia. 

Just like the picture we took back in 2009 after Elle was born.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remlinger Farms

After our sad attempt at Raspberry picking we headed over to Remlinger Farms for some good ol' fashion fun!

Elle tried out all the horses...

From the driver's seat...

...and from the passanger's seats!

I don't think you want to mess with this cowgirl, as she has quite the draw!

Enjoying the steam train ride

Baylor and I liked it as well!

Showing Elle the ropes of driving a tractor!

Elle loved the canoe ride and did awesome all by herself, what a big girl!

Nothing finishes off the day like lemonade and popcorn!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rasberry's or bust

We attempted to go Raspberry picking on the last open day for the season....

We found out quickly why it was the last day of picking.

This is the fruit of our labor after 30 minutes.

As you can see Elle quite enjoyed them!

Elle was a happy little clam with a full belly of raspberries but I felt defeated as we will not have any homemade jam this season.  Ah well, heard berries were on sale at Costco!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mudd Mountain Park

We ventured out to the park when Baylor was one week old.  It was a nice break from the norm and perfect evening for a picnic.

Colby took Elle to play in the water feature while I took pictures of Baylor.

Elle loved the water fall and splash pool!  It was hard to get her out!

Pretty sure Elle was trying to lure Colby closer so she could splash him!

Once we were over the water it was on to the toys!  This park is maintained by the Corps of Engineers and is super clean!

Trying out one of many slides around the park.

Walking  the plank over to another slide.

Posed for the picture and then she was off!

Higher Daddy, higher!

Jumping on the swaying bridge!

Next time you come to visit we will take you too!!!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Swim lesson's 101

Elle is in her 2nd month of swim lessons.  Last summer we took lessons but it was more water play.  Colby has been taking her the last few weeks and Elle has made tons of progress.  Baylor and I decided to tag along this week.

Finally realized I needed to take the flash off...

You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out... 

Working on blowing bubbles in the water.

Baylor loved the humid environment and slept through the whole thing...

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Prepared for the rainy season!

I found this super cute raincoat and hat online and as soon as I opened the package Elle was all over it.  She had to take it for a test run...

Through the sprinkler...

And Elle didn't get wet at all!

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