Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parker Time

Christy, Parker, and Delaney stopped by before the shower.  Christy and I had a great time posing the babies.  As you can see Elle loved every minute of it while Parker was a bit more reserved.  I think Elle sort of scared him with her aggressiveness.

Discussing favorite toys.

Parker is 4 weeks younger but already much taller.  Elle is trying to distract him so she can be taller.

"Look down there Parker"

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Shower Them With Presents

Here is what I crafted for Liz and Muffy.

I took a picture of Stewie.  Liz and Myron's dog and make a crinkly toy for baby bok choy as they refer to her :)

The first dress baby dress, I have ever sewn.  I need to make Muffy one as well as Elle.  It is based loosely on Homemade by Jill's itty bitty dress.

The back

My standard issue tag blanket

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Liz and Muffy's Shower

Not sure how I keep getting behind on post.... Two weeks ago I attended a shower for sister's Liz and Muffy.  They are due 2 weeks apart, how cute are they??

Holly J made the cake and man was it tasty!!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Suitable For Framing

What we were trying to frame as Elle played :)

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Redneck Baby Gate

Have you ever asked yourself " what should I do with my very active 10 month old while you work around the house?"  Well, folks I have the answer!  A red tub! A red tub, you say? 

Why, yes!  I, say!

Endless opportunities lay within this here red tub!

One's momma may even be able to clean the entire downstairs while one's very active baby plays and dreams big dreams while in this red tub.

Now for the clincher... You can get this red tub for the low low price of $9.99 but wait there is more! You actually will get two of these Red Tubs if you act fast!  Run don't walk to your local Costco for the cheapest and most efficient redneck baby gate around!

PS Do you like Miss Elleanor's orange nose?  This is the results of too much, orange food.  Squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes...  Apparently it is a sign of good veggie eating and will go away.  We are currently switching her to an all green diet to see if she will look like the Hulk instead of an oompa loompa...
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Wow, three years have past since this happy day! I am so lucky to have Colby by my side and can't believe how far we have come!  Thank you for marrying me! 

Is it appropriate to have one's vows renewed at three years? As I so want to have another party like this one! If anyone is looking for a place to get married, please do so at the Springwood Ranch and invite me as I really want to go back!

Love you Colby!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flaming Geyser State Park

We headed over to Flaming Geyser State Park after breakfast to check the flame out as well as check off the park from our 2010 to do list.

Colby and Elle checking out the river that meandered through the park.

The hike was a bit longer then planned as they are doing construction and you have to walk into the park.

This was the mighty flame we were in search of!  It has been recorded to be as high as 8'. Apparently not in the last 20 years or so.

It was a perfect day and we plan to take a picnic back sometime this summer!
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Happy Mother's Day! (a little late)

My first Mother's day was wonderful!  Colby was very thoughtful and gave me flowers as well as a book on planting my first garden and a cooking magazine.

Elle gave me a poem with her picture, hand, and foot.  Thank you Amy for helping Elle bring her vision to fruition!

Colby and Elle made me Strawberry French Toast it was amazing!!

Elle has begun clapping at any and everything!!

I couldn't ask for more!
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For Grandma S's birthday Grandpa planned a surprise party at the M's game.  It was a great night for watching baseball.  It was a good game but it went 10 inning with the M's losing in the end.  Which is fun to watch unless you are paying for a babysitter :)

The sunset was amazing!

This picture is completely untouched.  Red sky's at night, sailors delight!

Fox Sports came to our section.  Uncle Donny did a little schmoozing with them so they filmed Sydnie cheering on the M's.  I got up and moved for that part which all I have to say about that is HDTV!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

20th Anniversary Banquet

After the races we headed back to Corrie's house to get changed and add some war paint.  Shoot, reverting to Pullman girl talk. 
 The banquet was held at the old Livestock judging pavilion, now known as the Ensminger Pavilion which was on my old stomping grounds as I graduated from the Agricultural department.

The banquet was set up extremely well.  We were able to mingle and spend some time with all the other alumni as well as coaches, weight lifting staff and even Bob, the bus driver who drove us to all of our races as well as to and from the airport.   I am sure he has lines from Rudy memorized as we watched it on all long trips! 

  We were all given a t-shirt, etched mug, door prize ticket, and copy of the video they played highlighting the last 20 years of women's rowing.


I won a fleece jacket, Colby won but we gave his ticket to Liz so she won a tank top and Liz won so she gave it to Christy who also won a tank top, Anna won a travel kit!  Poor Holly and Dana were the only ones who didn't win at our table.

Part of the deal with traveling to Pullman is eating at "The Emerald"  they make the best Hunan Chicken!  I have tried it in several restaurants around Seattle and it is never quite the same.

 We had hunan for dinner on Friday night, Saturday we bought Erik hunan to go since we had the banquet dinner, and we got an order to go for ourselves to take home to MV!  I had packed a cooler just so we could take some home!

Sunday night back at our home we ate Hunan. It rocked! As we sat on our couch part of me missed Pullman but then I looked around at Colby sitting next to me and Elle playing on the floor.  I came to the conclusion that I won't change one bit of my life except maybe the falling out of shape part because dang, watching the rowers walking around in spandex reminded me I use to wear them everywhere!  But I also realized I could never go back to have carpet you can't sit on because it was so dirty and having completely plastic dining ware that we had stolen from the fitness buffet :)
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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I think Elle had the best seat in the house for the races!  Her blanket is one that Grami made for Elle out of a bunch of my old rowing shirts.  All the alum were quite impressed with it and probably at the next reunion we will see a few of them!

Group shot!  It was a beautiful day down at the river!

WSU was racing Oregon State.  This was the varsity 4, which is what I rowed in my senior year.   WSU is way a head.  GO COUGS!!

A look at the crowd along the point.  In the far distant there is an old ice cream truck that is now a Coug mobile.

Family pic!  It was so comforting to be around so much Crimson and Grey!

Kisses!  Elle's latest trick, how ever you must, I repeat must pucker up or she will slobber all over you.

Waving to the boats as they passed!

Elle and I had a little talk about what she needs to do to prepare for a rowing career.  It went a little like this:
Momma:  Elle, you need to grow 47 inches in the next 18 years
Elle:  Eeck  (translation:  no problem)
Momma:  you must eat all your veggies so you grow strong
Elle:  Waved it off
Momma:  Crimson looks good on you, huh?
Elle: nodded yes then no then yes
Momma: We probably need to get you swimming lessons
Elle: babble babble, squeak  (translation: yes, I agree!  The sooner the better)