Monday, May 10, 2010

Monster Mash, 9 months

Crawling has officially begun! Elle is a very cautious baby when it comes to any sort of flooring change. This makes the kitchen floor a cattle gate of sorts! She crawls to the edge and screams! If the invisible string between Momma or Daddy seems too long, Elle puts her head down and cries as she doesn't have the endurance or attention span to make it across the house.

Still not too happy to sit in one place too long as she has places to go and people to see!

and she is off...

Elle loves to walk with assistance. She squeaks and giggles the whole time. The stiff legs remind me of the Monster Mash!

9 months:

- I am crawling cautiously

- I can sit up on my own

-I have two teeth now on the top

-I am starting to eat more solids and feed myself

- I love beans, puffs, teething biters, bananas, mangos, and green beans

- I went swimming with my Daddy for the first time in Port Townsend

- I love my singing cow, especially when I first wake up from a nap. Mommy sings along which sometimes scares the cow I think...

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Tracie said...

Happy 9 months Elle! Wow; that went by fast!

Tracie said...

Actually, come to think of it...she's 10 months old now! Wow! Time did fly by!

lana and drew said...

So cute! Love your close up after the monster mash.

Linda said...

She is so cute and growing up way to fast. Hope you had a great mother's day.

Oergel said...

Great photo's - love the video!