Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finleigh's 1st Birthday

The following day we headed north to Finleigh's first birthday party!  It was a book theme and we were given a book plate to fill out and put into a book we loved for exchange.  At the end of the party the books were handed out and each child got to open it along with a super duper cute book mark from Finleigh's Momma.

Elle bouncing around on a Rody. 

Elle mingling with Colby's coworker Dan and his wife Jess.

Circling up for cake time!

Getting ready to sing.

Elle loved the cake and enjoyed playing with new friends.  Finleigh had on a big sister shirt and we are very excited to meet the new little one in October.  Which means our little one will have a playmate close in age!


We had visitors two weekends ago (see getting closer to caught up).  Christy, Parker, and Delaney came up from Vancouver, Liz and Madelyn came from Seattle, Brooke came drown from Bothell, and Holly, Brian, and Tanner from Sammamish for a mini WSU reunion! 

The kids had so much fun playing together!

Miss M is growing up so quickly so is a super quick crawler on the verge of walking!

Christy brought the girls matching yellow outfits!  So stinking cute!

Delaney and Elle

Miss M "What"?

Playing around while Parker played music.

Sunday morning!  Elle was sad to see her little buddy go!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Evolution of our cars

We made some big changes to our car situation in the last few months.  We decided to sell not one, but both of our cars!

I was a little sad to see Jeepy go as it was the first car I purchased completely on my own but it was like the time I sold my first steer at auction.  Dad said something very wise to me "Kimmie you can keep the steer and continue feeding it forever or you can take the cash, your call"   Jeepy would have sucked us dry just like the steer!

Neither of us even batted an eyelash at selling the Altima.  We were rear ended three times in this car, for some reason people just didn't see us... Twice we were fully stopped at a light and they rolled into the car.  Mind you this car didn't even get a nickname, sad... 

Bring on the new!!

We adopted "The Little Mule" from my parents.  I think Daddy-o had a hard time parting with the mule but the cash helped buy the new canopy for "Mister Clean" his new Tundra :)  So it worked out for both of us plus we have brought the "the little mule" over the hill for visits.

Here is our newest pride and joy, "The deathstar"! Colby was so excited to take this picture while we were visiting Grand Coulee Dam notice the lacking of Elle or me in the pic?  We were posing off to the left thinking Colby was taking a picture of us...

Ocean Shores

Before I can post pictures of our recent trip to Lake Chelan.  I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures from our trip to Ocean Shores for clam digging!

Elle loved playing in the sand!

Crafting back at the caboose!

Cleaning of the clams was the boys job :)

See it really was a caboose we stayed in!

Thank you Mom and Daddy-o for taking us along on your anniversary trip!  Here they are posing in from of the hotel they stayed in on their honeymoon :)

FLASHBACK! Visit from Corrie and McGruber

Our camera  keeps taking pictures but forgets to upload to blogger ;)  We were lucky enough to have Corrie and McGruber stop over for a visit way back in January. (Hence, the snow on the ground)