Monday, May 25, 2009

Caution Men at Work

Here was my view from my lounge chair in the yard on Sunday as Colby and Uncle Donny power washed our back fence. Next weekend Colby will stain it so it should match our sides pretty darn closely.

They also installed a back gate.

They were on a power washing spree that spanned the whole yard! They washed down the swing set, lawn chairs, bbq cover, bbq, and back deck! It was awesome to watch :)

While Colby and Uncle Donny worked outside. Dad S bbq'd up amazing ribs and garlic chicken for dinner. Mom S and Aunt Wendy helped me work in the nursery. Okay they worked and I directed from a chair. Pictures will be released once the room is complete :)
Colby and Uncle Donny weren't allowed to eat until they installed a new fan in our bedroom! YEAH! Last night we enjoyed the cool breeze immensely.

Poor Colby hasn't been able to catch a break from my insane "honey do list/nesting" Today he redid all the bark in the front gardens as well as hung up a new hanging basket. I think he is ready to go back to work.

Don't you agree the front garden looks excellent! Please don't look to closely at this picture as you might notice the hole in the front window. Freak lawn mowing accident... Luckily it didn't go through both panes or the cars or Colby!

Ah, but wait just one more thing! Latches on the back gate :)

I promise not to over work him this week or DSHS might come and take him away from me :)
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smile for the camera...

Here is a quick picture and video from today's Ultrasound. I will get better copies uploaded as I figure out the files...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Years!

Can you believe it! Colby and I have been married for two years! It has truly been amazing and I am very thankful! I am still amazed that I went out with a total stranger based on a Snook/Fosback recommendation! I will forever be grateful!

May 19th, 2007
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I feel a rumbly in my tumbly

We had a fun weekend hanging out with Mom and Daddy O. Of course we forgot the camera but if you go to No. 81 rd's blog you get the jest of the weekend. While down in Olympia at the Farmer's market, I spotted Stewart's meat counter across the way and made a beeline for it. Colby questioned the price to which I responded "They bought my steer in 4H and I have to support them" to which Colby shot back " We have been paying them back ever since and I think they got the better deal." Touche my friend, touche!

As you can tell I won :) Here are my prized possessions and the girl was nice enough to throw in the reusable bag! How hip, the meat market has become!!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who dat?

We had another ultrasound today to check out baby girl. Looks like she has her gloves up to protect her face. I figure this has to make Uncle Marc proud :)

After she relaxed a bit it she went back to sucking on her wrist. Hard to tell from these pictures but she has long eyelashes and starting to get a full head of hair. Baby S is in the 90% percentile with a weight of 4lbs and is expected to weigh in around 8lbs at birth.

The Dr. also made us a DVD but I couldn't get it to upload as I am technically challenged! Colby will have to give it a shot on Thursday when he returns from Houston. We start our birth classes on Thursday, I am sure we will have a story or two to share! I am getting so darn excited! Only 8 weeks to go!!

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