Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo Who??

Last night Colby and I were booed! YEAH!! I opened the front door to turn off our spider web when I spied this on the porch!

This cute bag was fun of Halloween goodies for us!

To be booed is sort of like a chain letter but fun and I think everyone will participate. The Halloween letter tells us to make up two goodie bags for someone else in the neighborhood. Hopefully, everyone will get a fun Halloween decoration in the next week!

These are the two boo bags we made today to leave on two of our neighbor's porches for them to find.

I was trying to copy Martha's broom candy bags but they didn't photograph well :) We bought each one a sign, Halloween straws and bone candy.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Road trip!

This past weekend Uncle Donny, Aunt Wendy, Colby and I took a trip over the mountains to WSU!!!

We had quite an adventure! Here is Uncle Donny pumping gas in LaCrosse. Where is LaCrosse you may ask, well we don't quite know either! It seemed to pop up in the wheat field at the very moment we realized we were completely out of gas!

PeeWee Football was playing at the stadium. I think WSU will be recruiting from this team soon as we are on our 4th quarterback and the season is only half over...

The true reason for our visit was to spend time with cousin Erik and also my friend Corrie. Corrie was our personal tour guide! We went all over campus and ended up at the Art building so we could go down the graffiti staircase.

I even left my tag!

We headed out to Orchard road to pick pumpkins from the Agriculture department's orchard. Corrie was having a tough time deciding between the two. I even picked up a few and in a future post you will see them by the front door.

Saturday night we headed to The Coug for some light refreshments as we were all parched from our tour around campus.

Catching up with Corrie over some "apple juice" Keeping it PG for the fam :)

After light refreshments we headed to the bowling alley so Colby could show us all why he is the shizzle! Wendy gave him a good run for his money but in the end he pulled out the victory under immense pressure and avoided Coug'in it... His Eagleness showed through!

After the tough game we headed to My Office for some good ol' fashion fun!

Colby and I really enjoyed the trip!

We hope to visit again really soon!
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The amazing view from Corrie's house. Corrie, Uncle Donny, and I reminiscing over our time at WSU

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another exciting Friday night

Friday night was wild and crazy in our neck of the woods! I picked up some cute placemats at Kohl's for Halloween.

Of course I couldn't leave them as placemats!

My new Halloween pillows!

Trying them out on the couch.

We hung up this spider web to get into the Halloween spirits, oh I mean spirt :) The neighbor's have been really stepping it up with some very impressive decorations! We will need to add to the front before the 31st!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Number 81 Pumpkin Patch

On our way home we stopped at the Number 81 pumpkin patch!

Colby picking a pumpkin for us to take home. Mom and Dad O did a great job growing them and it looks awesome at our house.

Colby and I were proud of our pumpkin. The background is truly the sunset. Thanks Mom and Dad O for the great dinner and treats from the garden to take home!

The Sunset was amazing!

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The O House

We had a great visit with Marc, Tracie, Olivia, Emma, and Marcus! The weather was amazing. Both Colby and I wish we lived closer ! Marc and Colby went to the EWU game on Saturday while I was at the meet and greet shower.

Monkey play! Marcus has grown so much and was very proud of his ability to pull himself up. I just can't get enough of his smile! It is so precious!

Whoah, I can stand holding on with one hand!

We watched Sunday morning cartoons with Emma, Olivia, and Marcus.

Got to love Emma's smile!

Rubbing Daddy's head for luck. It was so cute how Marc wasn't phased as the girls petted him and Marcus drooled a bit on him. Again I wish we all lived closer!!

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Baby Marcus S

Last weekend Colby and I headed to Spokane to hang out with my brother's family and to meet the newest baby in town! Marcus Robert S!

Marcus and I kicking it at the meet and greet shower.

Kellen checking out Marcus.

Baby's mama Diedra rocking Marcus to sleep. It was so nice to get to see Nick and Deidra. Posted by Picasa

Light the Night

Colby and I are a little behind on posting. The last few weeks of September flew by! On the 20th we participated in the Light the night walk. We walked around Greenlake in honor of Dad S.

Ken standing for photos and autographs by his picture. Ken's balloon is white as he is considered a survivor as his transplant was successful. However it is still a long road to recovery and we can't wait for the 1 year mark to finally exhale a sigh of relieve.

We are off on the loop around the lake. They had lights inside of the balloons at dusk the walk began and the sky lite up! I am the one in the red hat and Holly is in white hat to my left. Brian and Tanner are directly in front of us.

Colby and I posing for our self-portrait. We just released our balloons into the sky. The picture didn't turn out well of it but we both made wishes.

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Our new yard ornament

This is the before picture. Kim's co-worker Keri was getting rid of this wonderful playset. We thought it would be a wonderful addition to our backyard (not knowing what one of these things actually weighs.)

Uncle Donny and Aunt Wendy were kind enough to lend us their truck, their tools, and their backs to help us get the playset moved.

Just getting it out of Keri's back yard was an event. Her husband Ken and a neighbor helped Donny and I lift it above our heads in order to get it past their fence. Here is the main part of the structure after it was loaded into the truck.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures on the other end of the move. That's because nobody had a free hand to shoot any. Wendy, Donny, Kim and I wrestled the set out of the truck and along the side of the house where we had about an inch to spare. After losing one of the aforementioned backs (sorry Wendy) we were able to get it into it's final resting place. I emphasize the word final because there is no way it is coming back out of the backyard.

I would show you finished pictures in the back yard, but it has not yet been reassembled. With all the neighborhood kids running around, we thought it would be best to finish the gates to create a secure area first. That's the plan for this weekend so hopefully there will be more pictures by Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed! :O)

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