Friday, December 26, 2008


There are ups and downs to sledding in Ellensburg. One up is there is usually snow on the ground so it's always a possibility. The downside is that there aren't really any hills close by. This is easily solved with a little rope and Poppie's tractor.

On Tuesday, Soph and Ceci tried out the snow and loved every minute of it.

Starbuck also enjoyed herself as you can see...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No, This Isn’t A Typo…

I was having a flashback when we were filling the tank a couple of days ago. I think I was just out of high school the last time I paid this much for gas. It wasn’t quite this cheap but the 30¢ discount at Safeway made it amazing.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

This weekend, we decorated our tree and house for Christmas. Since our new house has vaulted ceilings, we decided to get the biggest tree we could find. This was a bit of a problem for Colby's back and our garage.

Colby showing the tree who's boss around these parts.

With such a big tree, we had room to hang most of our ornaments. Many hadn't seen the light of day in years on our "apartment size" trees.

The finished masterpiece.

An 80's looking picture of the tree. Kim wanted tinsel but I used my veto rights.

Holly, Brian, and Tanner brought back this nice Mickey Christmas throw and it looks wonderful on our couch. Notice the decorations in the background. The whole house is now very festive.
I also braved the ladder to get the lights up on the outside of the house. Luckily I did it Saturday because today was very wet out.

Saturday night, Holly and Brian had us over for a Bunco party. On our way, we passed a house in Issaquah that had won a prestigious prize (the leg lamp). It looked to be French and I'm sure it was FRAGILE.

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A Day Of Thanks

Thanksgiving this year was at our house. It was so nice to have all the sides of our family together. We didn't take as many pictures as we would have hoped.

Our turkey took a nice long apple brine bath in preparation for the big day. Now that we know everyone survived, we can share this photo.

Kim doing the traditional turkey dance. The big bird wasn't too light on it's feet weighing in at a hefty 24 pounds. By the way, those aren't feathers on the bird, it's the pine from the brine.

Thanks Mom O for this great aerial picture of the festivities.
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Like, A Totally Rad Birthday

So we have some catching up to do...

So back in November, Kim's friend Michelle had her thirtieth birthday. Coincidentally, so did her two brothers...they're triplets.

The party was an '80's themed party where many of us dressed up. It was held at a small theater and we voted on which movie we were going to watch. The princess bride won over Gremlins and Goonies (our votes). It was really fun to see it back on the big screen.

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