Monday, February 23, 2009

First parenting lesson

Baby S has decided to remain a mystery... The cord ran the length of the baby preventing us from seeing it's cute face and gender. It actually looked like it was sliding down a fireman's pole.
Lesson learned, baby will not perform when you want it to. I am sure right now it is high kickin' in all it's naked glory. Baby S is very healthy and quite smart already apparently! At this point we will not get another opportunity to get a look until it's birthday but if that changes we will let you know.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

G day is upon us!

Tomorrow February 23rd is G day! We are so stinking excited to find out what Baby S is! Today we did the wedding ring test.

This an easy baby gender prediction method to try. Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over mom to be's belly while she is lying down. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, you will be having a girl. If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy.

It predicted a girl. However, the poll here along with the Chinese calendar predicted boy so we are back to 50/50.

Tomorrow we will let you know what it really is!

Current times

This weekend we had Marc, Tracie, Olivia, Emma, and Marcus visit. This was the only picture we got the whole time.

Saturday we ventured to Maple Leaf to see Michelle and Bill's new home. It is picture perfect!

Since we were in the area, we also stopped at Liz and Myron's new home. They were in the midst of painting.

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What not to drive

This was the GPS Scooter that you could rent from the pier. Notice we said could not should... Seriously, big lady in a small car kept running through my head! Daddy O probably would have used his zebra calling skills to see if he could get the wild animal to look, in it's natural environment.

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Happy Valentines Day!

On Saturday we went to a nice Mexican dinner and then ventured to Ghiradeli square for dessert!

See over yonder!

Getting closer!

Ah, sweet victory! It was worth the walk and wait to get in.

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Look out scuba Steve!

Our wharf pass also included tickets to the aquarium. It was super cool as you just got on a moving walkway and it took you around the entire aquarium. We stepped off to take pictures and look at the sharks. Secretly I was hoping one would attack another one so it would justify my fear of them. Of course nothing like that happened. I wanted to drop a suggestion off in the comment box, "Please let the sharks get a little hungry so they are bit more aggressive."

We got to pet a mantaray. It was so cute as it would circle the end of the pool and flip up it's wing.

Colby was very manly and petted a shark. For reals, people!

This is the trolley car we took into downtown. Note all the rain...

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Pier 39

The bay cruise also took us by Pier 39 and all of the Sea Lions.

This Sea lion was quite proud.

We cruised by Alacatraz.

The wind started to pick up as we rounded the island.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Musee Mecanique

We ventured to the Musee Mecanique on Saturday afternoon. One of the world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines.

I just had to know what was at the end of the trail... AKA the first machine to take my $0.25! It was so funny as it just blew wind over the desert death scene.

Colby had fun playing baseball and hit a few home runs!

We thought Daddy O would enjoy the crane game. You had to pick up loads of beans and drop them down the funnel.

Colby totally kicked butt at arm wrestling and got to move up a level. A small crowd gathered to watch! It was very entertaining! Wish I had made a video of it!

When we win the lotto, we will have a bowling game installed at the house! Notice my fine technique.

Colby of course rocked this game!

Who doesn't love a Bimbo box?? This reminded me of Great Grandma and Grandpa Dolac's house. I loved that crazy little musical Monkey they had!!

A small video for you to reminisce too :)
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Saturday morning, we headed down to the Pier in search of Trish's donut shop. I am pretty sure Wes would have approved of their donuts.

We found ourselves a nice bench to eat and watch the tugboats go by.

The wharf pass included a tour around the bay. This was our boat, I was a bit unsure of it with a man on the front. Where was the mermaid, to protect us??

Crusin' under the Golden Gate bridge.

It really was a nice day, even the seagulls were out for a tour.

Wind blown hair!

The 90 minute tour was worth every penny!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco

For Valentines Day, Colby took me to San Francisco! I couldn't stop singing "Rice a Roni, the San Francisco treat, ding ding" the entire flight. Once there, I moved on to "If your going to San Francisco". Probably you all are loving me right now. Catchy isn't it??

There was a storm a brewing when we landed but it didn't stop us from being tourists! We wandered to the end of Pier 39 and had dinner at Bubba Gump's and that is all I got to say about that!

We were lucky enough to see Billy at the Wax Museum. Liz, we put in a good word for you!

Gave a little prayer out to Pope John Paul II and all of his homies!

If only we had a pitchfork...

Confucius say " He who farts in church, sits in own pew"

Colby at the end said to me "You know them aren't real people?"... I was crushed...
We will be posting as the week rolls, Colby thinks I am cool-aid drunk and need to go to bed.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

235?@!# Say what!

We went bowl'n Saturday night and Colby rocked the house! He bowled a 235, truly I didn't even know the score could be that high... I thought 100 was the ultimate score :)

I do blame these shoes for my poor performance... Everyone knows a good pair of kicks gets you far in life! Oh, and I couldn't figure out why I would stick to the floor at certain times until I took off my shoes and saw there was gum on the bottom! I am calling this game rigged!

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Caution, men at work

Colby and Uncle Donny spent Saturday building a work bench for the garage! It is strong enough to hold a small army and it will act as your bomb shelter if anything should ever go awry! The bench was made out of an old bowling alley lane we picked up on Craigslist. The second piece of the lane will be our coffee table and end tables eventually.

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Rainbow brite

Lo and behold it is a rainbow!! I made Colby follow it one night after work and I swear it took us to Target! It was magical! That Target has some special ad peeps, I tell you! The sales were amazing! I truly thought we had hit the promised land!

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