Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicago Downtime

A couple of weeks ago I was in Chicago for work and had a little time to kill on my way back to the airport. If I get the chance, I usually gravitate towards the closest MLB or NFL park. I have eaten several times in the resturant that overlooks the BOB in Phoenix though I have never watched a game there. What baseball purist could resist walking around Wrigley field?

Even though he butchered the song that my grandfather adored (it's take me out with the crowd), you can't resist taking a picture of Harry Caray's statue.

They had the door opened up in right field and I was able to get mere feet from the grass

All of the buildings across the street have continued the bleachers on their roofs. I wonder if they get peanut vendors walking their stairs.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Presenting Christy & Justin Rice!!

Colby and I flew to Bend Oregon for Christy and Justin's wedding this past Monday.

The lovely couple walking before the ceremony.

Delaney hiding from the snow and wind.

Heading in from pictures as the snow started to come down.

One last picture before heading to the lodge for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt. Christy's Dad, Denny was the minister.

Posing with the lodge bear.

Liz and Myron after the ceremony.

Just married!!

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Zoe and me

While Colby was in Las Vegas for Bowling Nationals. I doggie sat Zoe, our neighbor's pup. Zoe and I spent most of Saturday on the couch as I battled a cold.

Zoe enjoyed laying on my stomach and this didn't sit very well with baby, who proceeded to kick until Zoe felt it and it scared her off.

If she wasn't on my stomach then she was inches from my head.

Watching for her Mom and Dad to get home.

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Why I miss living in Eastern Washington

Need I say more... Breathtaking sunset! Can't you just smell the sage and grass? Oh, I do miss it!

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Craftin' with Mom

Two weekends ago I took over Mom's dining room and living room for sewing. I don't think she was quite prepared for all the fabric and ideas I had :)

I made my very first quilt for the baby!

Pinning the batting to the fabric. Mom's living room was perfect for putting the squares together!

I tried to get Mom to sew it but she was insistent that I do it all myself but I did make her sit right next to me for the final stitches.

Here is a receiving blanket I made. My new sewing machine has crazy cool stitches. This one is small daisy's.

Here I am with my finished projects from the weekend! I also made the twins blankets and pillows as part of their birthday presents.

Mom was able to help me and kick out 6 receiving blankets and almost finish the moses basket!

Currently I am working on a bird mobile for over the crib. I will post pictures once I finish it! I am getting so excited for the baby's room to come together!!

Thank you Mom for all your help and patience! See it only took 30 years for me to beg you to teach me to sew!

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Evening out with the girls

For Christy's bachorette party we headed to Portland for Fondue and Trannies...

We went to Darcelle XV & Company after a very lovely dinner at Urban Fondue.

Yes, that is a man but aren't those some nice legs?

Darcelle, himself singing Rhinestone Cowboy!

Boy George in all his glory!

The reason you NEVER EVER, No how, no way place money in your mouth!!

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You know your wife is pregnant, when..

We went to Costco for groceries and some how Kimmie was able to convince me we needed both jolly ranchers and pickles... Only 12 weeks to go!

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