Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crib time

I finally needed to shower so Elle had to hang out in her crib for a bit.  Wish I would have taken the camera in when I went to pick her up as she was holding on to the rails and looking through like a little prisoner.  However, she was laughing when I came in so I don't think the prision conditions were too harsh!

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My daddy sure does rock!

Daddy brought me this shirt from his last trip and it finally fits!

Miss you and can't wait for you to come home!
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What happens when Daddy isn't home

Colby is currently in Boston so while I was making a salad for a surprise party I gave Elle a teething biscuit. Is it wrong of me to only give her one on bath day?

Man, they are messy and Elle loves very bit of it!  I am pretty sure she was growling at me as I started to take it away.

Much better!

Trying out a new 'do!

Ah, ready for bedtime!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready to go

I was looking especially cute this past weekend!  Momma picked up some little clips for me as my bangs are starting to get into my eyes. I may need a haircut before my 1st birthday!

Practicing my GQ look with my new sunglasses!

How do I look??

Ah, ready to go!  Momma was such a spoil sport and took the clippie and sunglasses until we arrived at our destination... Oh, well at least I still have my giraffe! 
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Do you like my socks?

My friend Michelle and her FiancĂ© Bill went to Japan and they brought us back the greatest prizes!  I love flip flops so what do you buy someone who loves them??

Socks that are separated for your big toe of course!  I was wearing yoga capris around the house when I tried the socks on but my legs were hairy (aka I am married).  So I pulled them down for the picture, dumb huh?  Good thing is I actually went out and bought new razors so I am now leg hair free!  Too much info, sorry!

 The next prize involves a waving kitty!

It is a kitchen towel with the lucky waving kitty!  Now every time I do my dishes this pretty little kitty will make me smile and possibly wave, if no one is looking!

For Miss Elle, Michelle really out did herself!

It is a pattern to make Elle super cute skirts!  I will be putting babelfish and Mom to work helping me figure out the pattern!  I am planning to order some Japanese fabric so the skirts will be super authentic looking!  This will be project #53, perfect as the skirt looks to be for age 6-7, so I have sometime :)

For the house:

A beautiful vintage block poppy picture. I am on the quest for the perfect frame!  Thank you Michelle for thinking of us!!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

  "Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you. "

"May you get all your wishes but one so you always have something to strive for."

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Colby was in California for a week working which meant I had to hold down the fort!  He brought me back the most adorable chocolate lady bug as a prize for being good and not eating Thai food everyday!

I was very tempted to bite it!  However it was a Momma lady bug so I had to see what her babies looked like first!
Good thing I waited as the babies were in a bag.

Aren't they cute? Must say they were oh so delish!!

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Darn Time Change

The time change finally got the best of Elle...  I got up to check on dinner and when I came back Elle was sound asleep.  Guess she won't be fighting her bedtime anymore this week!

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Elle was quite happy and giggly last night while playing with her letter "E" which Marty (Uncle Wes) made for her!

"What you looking at"
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Penguin mail

Elle got the cutest penguin in the mail last week! Thank you so much Kristin! It arrived in perfect condition! The blogging world is ginormous but also quite small. Through blogging I have become friends with Kristin - Bean Sprout’s Momma. She had commented on a hat Elle was wearing that Lana – Wasians made for her. I thought it would be a nice surprise to ask Lana to make Kristin’s baby Griffin a set of hats. So, I bought Lana some yarn and 12 hrs later two hats were ready for shipping! Seriously, bought the yarn at lunch and Lana made them that night! I took forever to mail as I wanted to make something for Griffin myself but I am about 50 projects behind, someday …

Anyways long story… Kristin sent over this adorable Penguin that she made for Elle and a penguin holding a cupcake for Lana. Both are so stinking cute! My project list is now at 51 as I want to make a penguin or two as I just love them!

Thank you again Kristin, for thinking of us and I do enjoy reading your blog! I think project 52 will be to spotlight all the blogs that I read. It is wonderful to catch a glimpse of life outside my own little bubble and to know life is good!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Did I End Up Here?

Elle has been on the move lately.  She isn't officially crawling but she is inch worming along and does a combo fish flop into a sitting position which has lead to her finding herself in some unusual spots...

I am starting to get nervous as to where we will find her once she is actually crawling!

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Do You Think We Can Sell This On Ebay?

Crazy carrot Colby got in his bag of carrots today.  I thought we should put it on Ebay but Colby ate it...

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Can You Guess Where We Are?

Pikes Place market!  We forgot our camera but the phone pic worked well.  It was a beautiful day to walk around and eat Stewart's beef jerky!  YEAH, we didn't have to go to Olympia to get it!!
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Lunch With Friends

We were invited to a luncheon hosted by Ann, Ginny, and Grandma Sheets two weekends ago to celebrate all of their grandchildren.  It was fun to get together with all the people Colby grew up with and their babies.  As you can see Elle liked baby Cameron!

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