Monday, May 10, 2010

A movin' and a shakin'

8 months past so quickly I don't remember even blinking! It is getting harder each month to get Elle to sit still long enough for a picture on the quilt.

Enough hair to actually warrant a headband!!

If you could see her feet you would see Elle is now missing said shoes!

Shark attack! She kept inching her way closer to the camera until she was breathing on it!

8 month milestones:
- I am working on sitting up on my own
- I can pick up small objects with my hands, which I actually own!
- I can roll front to back
- I am not a fan of shoes but do love the taste of socks!
- Daddy and Momma took my on my first vacation to the Oregon Coast! I did great traveling in the back seat with Mommy and Grami.
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