Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday morning: Race Day

In the morning we went to Muffy's house for brunch.  Muffy is Liz's younger sister who is now a big wig doctor in the Palouse!  Liz and Myron brought Stewie along.  Elle crawled all over Stewie and loved it!  Stewie soon settled into the "Crab position" in order to protect himself!

After breakfast we picked up Erik, Colby's cousin who is attending WSU and headed down to the river.

Elle checking out the rowing shells in the boathouse.

I think she really enjoyed how the seat rolled.  We will be feeding her a lot more Wheaties in order for her to fit better in the boat!

This melts my heart!  I am so proud of my baby girl all "coug'd" out sitting in a rowing shell!
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Sydnie said...

The thought of her competing at college is so exciting - it melts grandma's heart too.

Sydnie said...

It looks like Elle is crossing her fingers.. is she making a wish? "I want to be big enough right now so I could row like Mommy!"

lana and drew said...

Elle you look like a natural!

Oergel said...

Great photo's -

Corrinna said...

Go Cougs! Elle, you are a natural! ;) My fave is her and Colby waving!