Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (a little late)

My first Mother's day was wonderful!  Colby was very thoughtful and gave me flowers as well as a book on planting my first garden and a cooking magazine.

Elle gave me a poem with her picture, hand, and foot.  Thank you Amy for helping Elle bring her vision to fruition!

Colby and Elle made me Strawberry French Toast it was amazing!!

Elle has begun clapping at any and everything!!

I couldn't ask for more!
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Kristen Jeffers said...

We had the same thing for Mother's Day! I had strawberry french toast and bacon too! Looks like it was a good one for you too. I love the the poem/picture/prints. I may have to do that for Father's Day.

Oergel said...

Happy Mother's Day Kimmie! The french toast looks amazing - Saturday morning?