Monday, May 17, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I think Elle had the best seat in the house for the races!  Her blanket is one that Grami made for Elle out of a bunch of my old rowing shirts.  All the alum were quite impressed with it and probably at the next reunion we will see a few of them!

Group shot!  It was a beautiful day down at the river!

WSU was racing Oregon State.  This was the varsity 4, which is what I rowed in my senior year.   WSU is way a head.  GO COUGS!!

A look at the crowd along the point.  In the far distant there is an old ice cream truck that is now a Coug mobile.

Family pic!  It was so comforting to be around so much Crimson and Grey!

Kisses!  Elle's latest trick, how ever you must, I repeat must pucker up or she will slobber all over you.

Waving to the boats as they passed!

Elle and I had a little talk about what she needs to do to prepare for a rowing career.  It went a little like this:
Momma:  Elle, you need to grow 47 inches in the next 18 years
Elle:  Eeck  (translation:  no problem)
Momma:  you must eat all your veggies so you grow strong
Elle:  Waved it off
Momma:  Crimson looks good on you, huh?
Elle: nodded yes then no then yes
Momma: We probably need to get you swimming lessons
Elle: babble babble, squeak  (translation: yes, I agree!  The sooner the better)


Tracie said...

Great job summarizing the trip. So much fun! Can't wait to see Elle rowing for WSU in the future...well, ok, maybe I can wait; don't want her to grow up too fast :-)

Kristen Jeffers said...

Great post. Those mountains are gorgeous; it would be hard to do much work from being mesmerized by those things.

lana and drew said...

So beautiful! Can't wait to see Elle rowing for WSU. It might be my only reason to visit WSU but it will be worth it!

Oergel said...

Great photo's - the rowing years were some of the best! Thanks for sharing.