Monday, July 30, 2012

Baylor's plate has arrived!

I actually just found the Thank you card all ready to be mailed with a stamp on it even...

I was holding out to add a picture of the plate hanging which it is but that picture might not be taken until 2013!
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Fan Fest

Elle took Daddy, Poppi, and Grandpa S to the M's fan fest, yes this was prior to the season beginning and Elle was closer to 2 then 3 but hey we are finally getting caught up!!

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chicken recipe

I was practicing with our new camera.  It has been so long I can't remember the recipe... It was that good ;)

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Nesting Dolls Go For A Drive

Elle loves her nesting dolls and like to play with them like they are her pocket babies.  Today she took them for a drive...

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Valentines Day Gifts

Yuup, we are super far behind in our post...

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Baylor's 1/2 Birthday

We love to celebrate and can pretty much find a reason to celebrate everyday!  This was Baylor's 1/2 birthday party... Baylor unfortunately was napping but we did a bang up job celebrating for him :)


Thanks for the cupcakes Grandma S.
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On Black Friday Tracy scored us some excellent tickets to see "Oklahoma" at 5th Ave.  It was a great show!!

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Baylor 6-Month

We took the kids in for professional pictures.  Elle and Baylor did great!

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