Friday, December 31, 2010

The Big Guy

We postponed for quite a while because Mommy and Daddy don't like to get anywhere near the mall but finally last week Elle got her chance to sit down with Santa Claus.  Elle and Mommy picked Daddy up at work and tried to beat the crowd into Bellevue.

Elle was in a really good mood to start even though she got her Flu shot booster just hours before.

This Santa has his reindeer flying above the crowds

Look!  There's Rudolf!!!

This was our view while we waited in line.  Unfortunately, by the time we worked our way through Santa's workshop, Elle's mood had changed somewhat.  We will be posting that picture in the next few days once we have it scanned into the computer.
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Grandma's Bell

Grandma S came over to help Elle put her special bell ornament on the Christmas tree

Listen to it jingle...

Where should we put it?

How about right here?  Perfect!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Iron chef

Colby and I were able to sneak away for a few hours of Christmas shopping and a nice dinner out.  The Mizu Japanese Steakhouse is nestled in the Home Depot parking lot not too far from our house.  Since we were out and about we figured it was the perfect night to give the restaurant a try.

Looking at the table next to us as we waited for our Chef.

As our vegetables were cooking the chef made a little volcano out of a stack of onions.  The flame was high and hot both of us were glad it was towards the other end of the table to be honest!

The Chef grabbed a little statue of a golf guy who then peed on the fire until it went out.  Seriously, it was hilarious! I am not sure if the other people at our table found it as funny as we did.   

At the end of dinner he brought out flame sticks and proceeded to put on a little show.  It was such a fun dinner!  Colby was the only guy at our table to actually catch the shrimp in his mouth!  None of us women would try.  Lame I know but in my defense the shrimp looked extremely hot as it had been cooking for a while!
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Apple Cup

The Apple Cup party this year was much more exciting as we had two little cheerleaders!  Elle was quite proud of her abilities to get the crowd motivated.

Get ready for it!


Go Cougs!  However, Elle's EWU eagle was nipping her on the leg.  Probably because the EWU Eagles had pulled out a victory earlier in the day which made her daddy very happy!

See Momma, I am a proud cougar!

Katelyn had her Dawg sign as well so began the great sign off that latest most of the game.

End the end the Cougars lost but a strong cheerleader friendship was formed!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A visit to Gigi's and an Easter Hat

This past week we headed down to Gigi's place for dinner and a visit.  Gigi gave Elle a hat she had been saving for her.  The hat was a big hit with Elleanor.

Check me out Momma!

Then she checked out herself in the mirror!

Came over closer to show me.

Tink you Gigi!

We will be on the look out for a matching Easter dress in the coming months!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter time at the zoo!

We met up with Tracy, Sophie, Ceci, and Gia for a day at the zoo.

It was a cold one so we all had to bundle up!

Ceci checking out the giraffe.

The lions were out and about.  Tracy told us that some of the rocks are heated to help the animals stay warm since Washington's climate is polar opposite of the Sierra.

Elephants after bath time!

Playing with baby Elephant!

It was dang cold!

Sophie chatting with distance cousins.

Monkeying around!

The Kimono dragon was ginorous!!

The zoo has an indoor play area.  Elle and Gia had a lot of fun checking out the fish!

Watching the bongo players.

Ceci was so proud of this pose and asked that Uncle Colby take her picture!  Sure cute job Ceci!!

Lost Amigos outside of the new penguin exhibit.

Sophie going around the merry-go-round.

Here comes Ceci!

The ride was thumbs up!

They passed by in a blur...

Next we headed to the bird room.  Were you can purchase a $1 seed stick to feed the birds.

For the birds.

Ceci did great when a giant bird landed on her arm.