Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Elle decided to help out in the garden and even dressed herself for the occasion.

Swinging is way more fun!

Note the new cement wall Colby made during his week off.  It is AWESOME!  Colby has started on the next row which will give me a big veggie garden in the front and back will be trees and foliage.  If all goes as plan this will be done next month! YEAH!!
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Mother's Day Baseball

This year for Mother's day, Colby's Uncle Randy was able to get the family a suite at the Mariner's game.  Colby's grandparents were original season ticket holders and Uncle Randy and his friends have continued renewing each season and as a result Randy was able to pick one game to use a suite for free!  YEAH for us!!

This year meeting the Moose was way less painful for all parties!  Elle didn't have the choke hold/death grip going!


Stare off!

Colby's Mom side of the family.  Happy Mother's day!
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Elle The Builder

Elle was Daddy's helper for a weekend when we were building the new cabinets in the office.

Very serious about her job holding the nails and helping to tap, tap, tap them in!


See Momma, piece of cake! 
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Neighborhood Concert

The night before we left for vacation (way back at the end of March) our dear neighbors hosted a concert at their house!  Mindy Gledhill and Debra Fotheringham gave an awesome performance.