Monday, August 30, 2010

Two M's games in one weekend? True that!

On Sunday we headed to Safeco field for another M's game!  Two in one weekend, how lucky is Colby??  Well, let's just say I spoiled him on this game!  I bought suite tickets from Zulily and yes, I didn't say sweet tickets, I said suite tickets!!  Zulily even sent us a parking pass so this picture is actually showing you that we were the third car from the exit in the parking garage and no, we didn't get there 3hrs before the game, we actually got there a little after the start of the game.

This was Elle's first game and we were totally and utterly spoiled by the M's.  When we walked in they gave Elle a jersey (the game giveaway), certificate stating it was her first game.  Every person you passed on the way to the suite would give Elle a collector's baseball card.  The best part was our front row seats to watch the M's win against the Minnesota twins!  We also got a gift card with $20 on it to spend on food from the attendant at our suite.  A little while after we were sitting, a guy came and took our picture.  He printed it out and gave it back to us in a Mariner's frame saying "Baby's first M's game" super cool!!

Enjoying the view!

Fishies and water, perfect game snack!

Checking everything out.

Up close and personal!

Sitting like a big girl!

Elle really got a kick out of her seat.  It was a fold up cushy seat so she would lift her legs a bit and the seat would start to fold up and then she would push it down.  By the end of the game, Elle was exhausted!

Awesome view through the Plexiglas!

We shared the entire front row of the suite with two other people.  Elle was able to walk around and play without Colby or I stressing as it was super safe! Seriously this was the best possible way to enjoy the game with a very active 1 year old. 

Elle had the hat from Grandma and Grandpa S but she had outgrown her warm up suit so I made her a little onesie with the trident M on it :)  Old school rocks!

The Mariner's moose also came to our suite for pictures. 

However, Elle was not a fan!  She was crying and clawing Colby trying to get away from the moose!

Calmed down a bit but she won't turn her back on him. 

Daddy trying to explain to Elle that the Moose is quite friendly.

She kept watching him as he moved from suite to suite.
Waving bye bye to the M's after the game!

Since it was kids day at the field we were able to go through the tunnel and check out the field!

Waiting for our turn to run the bases.

Daddy showing Elle where Ichiro made a few catches.

Daddy and Elle walking to second base.

Rounding second.

What the heck is that??  Wa Ta? (Elle language)  Daddy, giant Key but keeping going.  Elle tried to turn and go back but it was like trying to swim up stream...

Rounding third base but Elle really wanted to sit on the base.

Coming in to home plate!

Elle was so pretty tuckered out by the time she finished!

They also gave Elle a certificate saying she had run the bases as well as a really nice pin to put on her cap!

Take me out to the ball game!

Friday night Lana and Drew took Colby and I to a M's game!  The view from the seats was amazing, right down the first base line!

The sunsets are amazing from Safeco!

It turned out to be a very chilly evening!

Hello Kitty eyes!  Thanks Lana and Drew for taking us!!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, Happy Day

Four years ago today Colby proposed to me at Cave B Winery.  It was such a surprise and happy day for both of us!

Funny story I got my engagement ring stuck on the wrong finger, so the picture we sent out to everyone showed it on my right hand, I got a lot of grief for it but here is the short version of what happened...

The ring didn't fit on my left hand so I put it on my right finger, problem solved or so I thought!  I think the mixture of hot weather and wine didn't help because when I woke up my finger was ginormous and ached!  Colby had set up a couple's massage for the next morning and the masseuse tried to work the ring off to no avail.  Since Cave B is very close to my parents house we popped over there to show them the ring and see if they could get it off my finger.  After icing it for a while and Grami threatening to take me to the fire department to have it removed . Colby and Grami were finally able to pull it off as well as the top layer of my finger!!   Of course, I am no quitter and tried again to put it on my finger again that night, hence Colby made an appt to have it sized immediately :)

In honor of the anniversary of our engagement I made Colby this which will be hung amongst our family pictures.  This tells the story of Colby and Kimmie :)  Super cheesy, I know but sometimes I like to be cheesy!

Family pictures hanging on the wall is on the to do list of 2010  2011!

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Colby's softball team had a couple of groupies on Monday night!  Elle and Samantha enjoying watching the games and playing together.

Bye Daddy, good luck out there!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dan and Jessie got married!

Colby and I had the pleasure to attend the marriage of Dan and Jessie.  Dan is one of Colby's coworkers.

Before we left for the wedding we had one our neighor take our picture before we dropped Elle off for the evening.  I swear my dress was pressed before we left the house!

Dan and Jessie had a tropical themed wedding.  It was so beautiful and personal!

Notice the minister isn't wearing any shoes but argyle socks!  I wanted to pick him up and put him my pocket as he was so darn cute!!  He came out into the audience to ask us some very important questions regarding Dan and Jessie's marriage.

Ah, the kiss!

Colby was the music man for the wedding!  He took his job very serious and did a great job!

Breaking it down for me after the ceremony!

Our table at the reception!  All the small touches were fabulous!

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs.!

The flower girl was adorable!  She had on a little tutu! 

Colby and I with Jessie and Dan!

Colby with all his Coworkers.  We had a lot of fun sitting with them and chatting it up!

The DJ for the reception was dueling pianos from Chopstix!! So, freaking cool!! Everyone was singing and getting down!  A great wedding reception from start to finish!

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