Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Choo Choo Noah's 2!

Noah had a Thomas The Train birthday party! 

Elle and Colby took the train for a tour of the room.

Poppi, look at me!  I am a conductor!!

I hear a Choo Choo coming!

Visiting with Gigi and Baby Gavin.

Family picture with the Jones side of the Colby's family.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Michelle and Bill's Wedding

My good friend Michelle was married on 10/10/10 in Leavenworth!  The weekend of the wedding coincided with Octoberfest.  The drive through the town out to the resort was full of interesting people!

Elle was one of the three flower girls in the wedding.

Practicing for the BIG walk!

The wedding was held at the Sleeping Lady Resort which is all-inclusive.  The dinner was amazing and offered fresh figs which Elle went crazy for!

Thank you Auntie Tracy for telling me to try them!! I loved them, very much!

Pre wedding jitters!

Wedding pictures were outside and it was a perfect morning for it!

The wedding party, getting ready to head down to the river for more pictures.  Aren't the umbrella's and boots cute??

Play that tune again!

Michelle put a ton of thought into her wedding and it turned out amazing!  Here is her cake which have squirrels in wedding attire on top!  The squirrels were on invitations as well.

Even after the wedding the kept holding hands! It was so adorable!

Posing for a picture.

Here are a few pictures of the ceremony:

Otis, their vizsla was the ring bearer.  Bill whistled for him to come, when asked for the rings! 

Mom, Colby, and I made the mustaches for their photo booth!  They turned out great and I bet everyone at the wedding took a picture or two!

The girls practicing piano!

Michelle rowed at UW for one year before transferring to WSU (where we rowed together)  All of these girls rowed with Michelle at some point.  It was so much fun catching up with everyone!

The beautiful bride with Miss Elleanor.  Thank you Michelle for having Elle in your wedding!

It was a fairly quick drive home after the wedding but lucky enough we missed the boulder landing on  I-90 and also the back up that was about to happen as state troopers showed up right after we passed this by.  Kind of crazy and makes you realize the watch for falling rocks sign is not a joke.

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Friday night lights

Date night = High school football game... Yip, it was a perfect night!

Our good friend Brian is the head coach for Sammamish High School. 

Plus Tanner is the punt holder retriever :)

Wait for it....

Go Tanner, go!

After the game, we got to go down the field and see Brian.

Brian and Holly after the game.  Colby and I both forgot how much fun high school football is!  Next year we plan to attend a few more games!!

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Opening of Roos Field

Colby was super excited to get to go to EWU's opening football game.  It was a special game as they were dedicating their new red turf field.  Elle and I tagged along for the tailgate and then headed back to Nick and Deidra's for some play time and naps. 

On the drive over we had to stop to change a stinky bum and put on pajamas.  It was a great place for a picture as well!

Checking out the new field!

Elle was totally into the band as it was practicing off in the distance.

First play of the game on the new field.

The morning after...

Marcus and Elle was super tired from playing with every toy Marcus owned!  Notice there are no pictures of Colby or Nick :)

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Soccer Saturday

Elle and I were lucky enough to tag along to Sophie's first soccer game of the year! 

Proud soccer parents :)

Go, Sophie, go!!

Elle thought she was in charge of snacks for the sideline parents.  Here she is offering fishes to a soccer Dad.

Sophie was awesome and always ahead of the pack!

Orange and Black just like our high school colors!  I like I might still have orange and black finger nail polish that I can break out for the next game!!

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