Monday, May 17, 2010

20th Anniversary Banquet

After the races we headed back to Corrie's house to get changed and add some war paint.  Shoot, reverting to Pullman girl talk. 
 The banquet was held at the old Livestock judging pavilion, now known as the Ensminger Pavilion which was on my old stomping grounds as I graduated from the Agricultural department.

The banquet was set up extremely well.  We were able to mingle and spend some time with all the other alumni as well as coaches, weight lifting staff and even Bob, the bus driver who drove us to all of our races as well as to and from the airport.   I am sure he has lines from Rudy memorized as we watched it on all long trips! 

  We were all given a t-shirt, etched mug, door prize ticket, and copy of the video they played highlighting the last 20 years of women's rowing.


I won a fleece jacket, Colby won but we gave his ticket to Liz so she won a tank top and Liz won so she gave it to Christy who also won a tank top, Anna won a travel kit!  Poor Holly and Dana were the only ones who didn't win at our table.

Part of the deal with traveling to Pullman is eating at "The Emerald"  they make the best Hunan Chicken!  I have tried it in several restaurants around Seattle and it is never quite the same.

 We had hunan for dinner on Friday night, Saturday we bought Erik hunan to go since we had the banquet dinner, and we got an order to go for ourselves to take home to MV!  I had packed a cooler just so we could take some home!

Sunday night back at our home we ate Hunan. It rocked! As we sat on our couch part of me missed Pullman but then I looked around at Colby sitting next to me and Elle playing on the floor.  I came to the conclusion that I won't change one bit of my life except maybe the falling out of shape part because dang, watching the rowers walking around in spandex reminded me I use to wear them everywhere!  But I also realized I could never go back to have carpet you can't sit on because it was so dirty and having completely plastic dining ware that we had stolen from the fitness buffet :)
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lana and drew said...

ummmmmm... hunan chicken. I'm disappointed you didn't hit Pizza Pipeline. Next time.

Oergel said...

Great photo's - fun memories!