Monday, May 10, 2010

7 months came and went

We are really good at taking Elle's monthly picture on the quilt but not so much on posting. I plan to retro this back to February so it is in order for prosperity's sake!

This outfit happens to be one of my beary favorites and just so happens we were given it in 3mths and 6mths sizes. I went ahead and bought it in 9mths and 12mths figuring why the heck not! Someday we will do an entire post on this outfit over the year!

At 7mths:
- I grew more hair
- My second tooth on bottom came in
- I can sit up for as long as I want
- I love my rattle, the noise it makes is awesome!
- I haven't met a fruit or veggie I do not like
- During the day I get to hang out with Lucky the puppy and I squeal when I see any puppy now
- Momma and Daddy love to take me bowling, yet I still haven't managed to stay awake through the whole night

For your enjoyment: A little bit of Lemon juice

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Ken and Sydnie said...

I love the way you can tell how old she is by the length of her bangs.

lana and drew said...

oh Elle, i love how you jumped a bit when you first tried lemon juice. it seems you are a fan.

Oergel said...

Fun video - great photo's.