Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For Grandma S's birthday Grandpa planned a surprise party at the M's game.  It was a great night for watching baseball.  It was a good game but it went 10 inning with the M's losing in the end.  Which is fun to watch unless you are paying for a babysitter :)

The sunset was amazing!

This picture is completely untouched.  Red sky's at night, sailors delight!

Fox Sports came to our section.  Uncle Donny did a little schmoozing with them so they filmed Sydnie cheering on the M's.  I got up and moved for that part which all I have to say about that is HDTV!
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Kristen Jeffers said...

Ha! That's what I'm thinking about high resolution cameras. It's better when I'm behind it. Is it warm where you are yet?

Sydnie said...

No one really told me what ENDED up on TV... from where the camera man was, compared to me, it was probably my REAR END!

Sydnie said...

It was a WONDERFUL surprise (but how could all my friends and family lie to me so often and so easily?)

Oergel said...

Happy Birthday Syndie! Great sunset photo's.