Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess Where we went...

Viva, Las Vegas! First class style.

Kim's college friends Holly and Brian hooked us up with tickets and accomodations to Vegas. Colby was able to sweet talk the phone agent and throw around his clout to get us upgraded to first class on the way down. We made great friends with the flight attendant and her wonderful cart-o-drinks!! The hostess with the mostest also threw in snacks and some drinks for the road to help get the party started.

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Touchdown in LAS

We were a happy crew waiting for our luggage. The drinks helped sustain us in the line for a taxi in 104 degree heat at 9pm.

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Can't wait to begin

As soon as we checked in, it was off to the casinos. Our bus dropped us off in front of Caesar's Palace.

Here we are on the "Moving Statues" escalator. The first spiral escalator I have ever seen.

Kim rubbing the Buddha belly for a little luck

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Vegas does exist without the lights

We made the most of each day by trying to see all the casinos on the strip.

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Jackpot, baby!!

Kimmie had a dream that she would hit it big on one of the big slot machines... Well she didn't but Colby did!! Kimmie still swears he cut her in line.

Colby's $1 investment netted him 10 buckaroonies!

Colby had serious beginners luck! He won the Planet Hollywood blackjack table tournament. His winnings were two tickets to see "Stomp out loud" and $50!! YEAH!! Kimmie, needs new shoes!!

Brian had stars in his eyes, oh wait, are those $25 chips??

As you can see, Blackjack treats us very well. Kim won a little more this time but Colby didn't do to shabby either. Kim also won the slot tournament we entered but nobody was fast enough with a camera to catch her jumping up and down. Her winnings for that??...a hat. 'Nuff said!

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Last night brings the shows

Our last night in Vegas, we saw Stomp which was amazing. Our tickets ended up center stage, about mid theater.

Here is my short video of the Bellagio performance we watched. Pictures just don't do the grand show justice.

After another long and successful blackjack night, we headed back to the Luxor to sleep.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Palm Sunday

Our weekly ritual of going to Home Depot is never a let down! I have had my eye on their palm trees but they have been way to spendy so I was extremely happy when we walked in there and they were marked down to $9.88!! I did have to beg a bit and promise to try to keep it alive for at least 6 months but I think in the end it was well worth it :) Colby was surprisingly happy with it once it was in the house. He just kept saying "really the sign should have say buy one pot get a free fern" Well we had to buy a pot, ya know it would look silly in the living room in a plastic tub...

The flowers we received at our housewarming party have been growing like crazy. I do agree miracle grow, truly does work miracles on plants!! However it also helps weeds too... Colby and I spent the morning weeding the garden beds as well as pulling all the unwelcome raspberry bushes that want to take back the hillside! Ah, the simple joys of home ownership!! Our backs are a bit sore but it sure is nice to be working in our own yard!
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Yippee!! Wedding Presents!!

We finally broke down and began spending the remainder of our wedding gift certificates. It felt so good to go on a shopping spree for the house. At the end of the day we spent $27 and that included a snack, movies, and dinner. We will show off our much more organized pantry in a later post. We are also hoping our new pizza/bread stone means less pizza taste in our homemade bread :O)

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Meet Lukas Matthew Brown

Lukas was born 7/11 and he is destined to love Slurpees his entire life. Kim and I went up to Sedro-Woolley to meet him and visit with Matt, Megan, and Alexis as well. We made up some of the Sheets family spaghetti and amazing home-made artisian bread (thanks Tracy, we love the book) and took it with us. It was a wonderful visit and we are excited to watch Lukas grow up.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

From New York to New York

So I spent the weekend in New York on Long Island in very muggy 95 degree heat. So where do I end up at the end of the week? At the New York, New York casino in a very dry 106 degree heat. I needed to run to Vegas for a day for work and I decided to do some recognisance (sp?) for our mini-vacation we are planning for next weekend. I couldn't resist swinging by the strip and going into the hotel and seeing all the "sights" that I didn't see over the weekend. My co-workers and I may have made it to the beach but I have still yet to go to downtown New York. I guess one if these days we will have to break down and head to the Big Apple for a vacation.

I also wandered next door to the MGM Grand and found one of their lion playing in their pen (honest, the picture is of a lion. It's name was Bora and he's a 7th generation decendant of the Lion at the beginning of the old MGM movies) We will definitely be going back next weekend with a real camera and not just a cell phone camera.

Here's looking forward to a nice and "comfortable" 80 degrees in Seattle!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I was in New York for the weekend and on Saturday my co-workers and I got to go to the beach for about an hour. It was just a little busy there and pretty hot. I think it was somewhere around 90 with great blue skies.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 3-0 to me!!

So folks it is true, I am now officially 30, hard to believe, I know. Luckily Colby turned thirty just a mere 4 days after me so the process was less painful (only heard My old lady a few times). We had a wonderful housewarming/30th BBQ but of course we forgot to take pictures... My Dr has increased my ginkgo prescription to apparently help with this forgetting things, thing...
Colby brought home this amazing cake for my birthday. It was white chocolate on the outside and yummy strawberry shortcake on the inside. Which is my very favorite.

My co-workers took the liberty of helping me remember I turned 30 but decorating my desk in lots o'30s. It was such a nice surprise!

Life as a 30 year old

As you can tell from our delayed blogs. Turning 30 has slowed both Colby and myself down :) Just kidding! We have been experiencing the joys of home ownership! But I feel we have neglected the blog for far too long so today this post is dedicated to all the 30 years out there!Yes, Liz it is true you were the first to go :) Andy cutting the cake was 3rd in line for the big 3-0!

Here is Christy the second one to venture into the "New 20s" with Holly who was 4th to turn!

Holly's 30th Birthday and here are a few more from that night! Mom and Dad you should look away now :)

Yes, Mom I did warn you...

Myron has been 30 for a little while so the jello shot was a bit hard for him.