Monday, September 27, 2010

F is for Fish

Sophie's 7th birthday party was a goldfish party!  Of course we had to go fish at the pet store!

Mean while back at the cart...

Happy babies playing nicely until...

Elle touched me!

I said no.

Why did you hit me? Sorry, I didn't mean to but you crossed the invisible line. 

Seriously this could be a picture of Tracy and me as children.  The invisible line was always too much of a temptation for me to handle!
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Homemade Diaper

Teething bites!  Elle has been dealing with 4 big fatty molars that want to conquer her little tiny mouth in a slow painful way!  Every time a tooth tries to appear Miss Elle's bum is a mess.  The rash is painful and without a doubt the worst thing we have had to deal with.  We have been letting her run around naked but this makes us on edge as we are afraid nature will call in during naked time.  So I decided to make her a homemade diaper while running around the house.  I have it say it was hilarious!!   So to start, I took a racer diaper cover and lined it with a burp cloth.  She looked a bit cold so I added baby legs.

Seriously Momma, why you laughing at me??

Running to Daddy for help and a shirt!  The rooster tail was cracking me up.

Elle made a break for the stairs.  

What?  Just going up stairs, okay?

Yes, I know you are laughing but why?  The bum says #1 and the shirt says 1st prize. 

Okay that is funny! 

 I am just going to sit here until you pull yourself together Momma!

Post Edit: Colby wasn't enjoying the free range diaper so we took it off her and while I was grabbing a real diaper nature called... Colby grabbed Elle and tried to make it to the kitchen.  Lucky for us she finished by the time they hit the linoleum... Needless to say we now have organic plain brown diapers for teething days.
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Labor Day weekend

We headed out to Raymond's house for a Labor Day weekend BBQ!

Elle and Marcus continued their tour O'cars with this produce box.  Grami pushed them around the yard. 

Elle was over the car and decided to rest by the fire, while Marcus pushed on.


Elle enjoyed hanging out by the fire pit.  Poppi kept a tight grip on Miss Elle which made Momma happy :)


Colby took this picture and I just love how the fire danced into the sky! 

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Instructions to opening a present

As presented by Elleanor:

Step 1.  Stare at bag and prepare to remove tissue.

Step 2.  Crawl partially into bag in order to begin removing tissue.

3. Begin removing one tiny piece of tissue at a time.

4. Present retrieved.  Push to Daddy to have it opened up.

5. Proceed to sit in the block container while playing with new princess blocks!

Thank you Charlotte, Carla, and Matt!  Elle loves them as you can see! 

I can't wait for Christmas as Elle is has officially figured out how to open a present! YEAH!!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Drive Marcus Drive!

Marcus and Elle checked out Uncle Raymond's corvette. 

Marcus was focused on the road

While Elle was a bit scared!  "Marcus is honking at people, Momma!"

Blocks...Not Just For Knocking Down Anymore

Elle has finally decided that it is fun to stack her blocks and she was showing off last night.  Warning, there is a lot of squealing involved so you may want to turn your speakers down a bit first.

This went on for a good ten minutes.