Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weighed and Measured

On Friday, Elleanor had her 2 month checkup. Daddy took the day off so we could properly prepare for the weigh-in. We did our stretching exercises and took a nice big bottle to bulk up.

Elleanor making her mark on the table. You can just see the lines on the paper they used to measure her length. She is now 23" long (90%) and her head is in the 50th percentile so an improvement over the last appointment.

She weighed in at a nice 11lbs. 11oz. She's definitely a keeper! This put her in the 75th percentile.

This was the calm before the storm. Next up were her immunization shots. The doctor was nice enough to hand us a bottle of infant Tylenol before he left and sent in the nurse who had drawn the short straw for the day.

Luckily this picture doesn't have sound! Just imagine crying that turned into a general hiss. Elle was definitely not her smiley self at this point. Luckily she did sooth herself down rather quickly once mommy could pick her up. She left with three cute little Band-Aids and a pretty horse sticker. Daddy said no to the sucker. Maybe next time.


Oergel said...

Way to grow Elle! Two months already, time if flying.

Oergel said...

So last night I was very tired - Time is Flying! For some reason I can't see the photo's. Pretty sure I didn't see them last night, but you never know. Still think a lollipop would of been nice!

lana and drew said...

Elle, I'm super jealous... 90th percentile on height! I think i've only made it to 50th. Maybe the next WSU volleyball all-star???