Sunday, August 9, 2009

S Family reunion

Today we headed to Beaver lake for the S family reunion. It was a very nice day for a picnic!

Colby and Elle enjoying the view from the dock.

Deep discussion whether or not Elle needed a cellphone. Babies these days! Just kidding, pretty sure she was yelling at me for dinner!

Gama and Gampa with Clarey. Clarey is 94 years old and still plays the drums in a band. They practice twice a week! He told me they play all kinds of dance music. How cute is that?!! I so want to be like him when I am 94! Clarey and Florence own the cabin on lake. I didn't get a picture of Flo but she was just as spry as Clarey!

Great Grandma S with Elle talking to one of her cousins.

Aunt Wendy with Great Grandpa S and me.

Overall it was a successful reunion. I even talked with an extended cousin of Colby's who was from Olympia and found that we may have played basketball against each other in our youth! What a small world. I am happy to report back no one from my family was present so we are not kissing cousins :)

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lana and drew said...

Great pics. Looks like everyone had a great time. Clarey, you are an inspiration. Thanks Kimmie for the thank you card, we loved it! Hope to see you soon!

Oergel said...

Looks like a great time - nice to spend time with family!