Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As the day continues..

Sorry I got a little behind. Hmmm, where were we? Right, 9:30 am swing time while Mommy does a little work on the computer.

10:30 am had me a nice snack. hmmm, chicken. Doesn't everything taste like chicken?

11:15 am YEAH!! The new air conditioner was delivered!! 14,000 BTUs of sweet coolness!!!

12:04 pm naptime.

1:15pm Dressed and ready to take on the world!

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Sydnie said...

She does look ready to take on the world! I wish I could be in my jammies at 1:15 every day!

Are we there yet? said...

Thanks. It's really helping the day go by. I can't wait to get home :O)
-Love Daddy

lana and drew said...

So far a good day. Love your outfit Elle. Mommy did a good job!

Oergel said...


lstimson said...

I love keeping up with your life Elle, your mom and dad are very proud of you.