Monday, August 10, 2009

From crap room to craft room/office

This was a very clean office until we decided to make my craft room into Elleanor's nursery. My craftiness swallowed the whole room and I am pretty sure it belched the other night!
Now that I am feeling better and only have two more weeks left of being home I felt the time was right to start. So for the past three days I have been working on the office/craft room whenever Miss Elle allows.

Caution: Enter at your own risk!

Abra Cadabra! New room!

The office side of the room received royal treatment too (a good dusting)

Colby installed the shelf.

I organized the closet with an different sized bins and tubs all of which are labeled! Mom, aren't you proud? I didn't think I got your cleaning/organizing gene but apparently it has been in hibernation (I have been fighting it) until now!

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Oergel said...

I want to come play in your craft room! Great job!

Tracy said...

The room looks awesome. You are seriously really making me look bad!

Tracie said...

Wow Kimmie! You are motiviated. I didn't even THINK about making jam or organizing anything while I was on maternity leave! That's impressive! The room looks amazing!

Amy said...

Nice! I have many a room that I wish would experience such a transformation.
You realize that you accomplished a pretty big task whilst being the mother of a newborn? I've always said that motherhood turns us into Superwoman. Awesome job supermom!

Trax at home said...

Wow Kimmie, what a transformation. Way to go!!

lana and drew said...

That room looks amazing! I'm seriously jealous!