Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fragile' - It Must Be French

Colby came home and set up the air conditioner. He was so excited he decided to test it out in the front window. I thought it looked like the leg lamp on display in A Christmas Story. So Cute.

We did remove it for our own safety. Tomorrow it will go upstairs. At almost 100 lbs. Colby needs to work himself up for that task.
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Oergel said...

L'appareil de condionnement d'air est tout à fait attrayant. Gardez frais!

Amour de votre Mère


lana and drew said...

I'm SO jealous! Drew struck out at 4 stores trying to buy anything to help us cool down. Colby... can i hire you to do work around the apt? I can pay you with food :)

Trax at home said...

It's hard to believe you need an air conditioner. We normally turn ours on at the beginning of July. So far the air conditioner hasn't been turned on. This weather is sure crazy.