Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's hot in Herrre!!

We just got back Thursday night from a week in the 'burg. As we left Ellensburg, we stopped at every possible place that might have an air conditioner for sale but to no avail. We had so thoroughly enjoyed the AC at Grami and Poppi's that when we walked in the house and the thermostat said 88, I wanted to turn around and high tail it back over. It took our breath away. One good thing about the heat, it made our house smell brand new. The paint had started to re-liquefy off the walls. Maybe a bit dramatic but seriously the house smelled of fresh paint.

This was the temperature reading on the car as we approached the house. Within five minutes of being home, I found an A/C unit online and had it sent by two day air... As of this morning Saturday it has not arrived :( After spending way too much on the unit we resorted to the next best thing to cool off. The Costco cooler. We did laps around the store in hopes that by the time we returned the fans and open windows just might have cooled down the house to a bearable state.

Elle slept on our bed for a long time enjoying the ceiling fan. I think she has her legs up trying to cool down her bum.

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Oergel said...

Miss Elle looks delightfully cool in her white top! I love ceiling fans!!