Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh, the places you will go

Last night we set out to Enumclaw in search of ice cream to celebrate the jeep passing 100,000 miles. It amazes me to think of how much my life has changed since I purchased the jeep.

How the jeep came to be... Tracy drove down from Bellingham in October of 2002 to help me buy my first car. First thing she said when she walked in was "Change, you look poor. You want them to think you are a serious buyer, go change" I did change and off we went. We decided to head up Aurora to all the dealers. I was sure I wanted a 4 wheel drive vehicle so I could make it home in the winter without chains. Tracy pulled into the jeep dealership first and we began to walk around assessing their inventory. We were approached by a salesman who asked what we were looking for and I responded " I would like to see a Durango" which he responded "uh, we are a jeep dealership" to which I said "great, show me a jeep". This totally flustered the poor fellow and he ran into the bump of one of the cars. :) This totally set the tone for the day. We test drove a few jeeps before settling on the white one. She was pretty with only 21,000 miles on her and I felt an instant connection. We headed into the dealership where Tracy took over and negotiated the deal. The salesman didn't stand a chance! In fact he got so upset he slammed down on the table we were sitting at, calming Tracy told him to walk away and gather himself. Which he did and came back with cookies and pop as a peace offering. It was so amusing to watch and I wasn't the only one to think that as the rest of the salesman huddled together to listen. In the end a deal was reached and I drove home very happy in my new 2002 Jeep Grande Cherokee.

Colby even gave her a bath to celebrate!

Who would have thought I would be riding shot gun to my husband as we approached 100,000 miles!

Even crazier is that I have a beautiful daughter sitting in the backseat.

When we got close to the 100,000 mile Colby pulled over and let me drive. It was on our way back home when we passed the 100,000th mile, just the way it should be done. Heading to our home!

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Tracie said...

Great story...reminds me of when we bought one of our cars...Marc had the sales guy shaking so bad in the end...those Leos sure know how to handle those car salesman. Congrats on hitting 100K!

Oergel said...

I am very glad that you guys have a 4wheel drive for just in case visits on the east side of the state! The jeep looks just like brand new - good job taking care of your first car!

Tracy said...

Ahh that was a fun day. That has been one great durango, I mean jeep.

Sydnie said...

I got tears in my eyes thinking how wonderful to have you (and your jeep) in our lives! I bought a car by myself and the tire went flat as soon as I drove off the lot - an omen it was not going to last 100k miles.

lana and drew said...

Wow, what a great story! My little nissan seems so young compared to your jeep. Do we wish it a "happy birthday"? Looks like you guys had fun on your trip.