Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day in the life...

Daddy had to go back to work today so Mommy and I decided to do a continuous post today to keep Daddy updated.

6:10 am Here I am waving good bye

6:11 am I ate but no pictures are allowed during mealtimes.

7:05 am I decided I wanted to wear a different pair of jammies.

7:52 am I am currently taking a nap in my crib.

See later alligator!

8:55am 5 alarm!
8:55 and 30 seconds Mid-morning snack time!
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Oergel said...

Grami feels a little glad Daddy had to go to work - keep up the posts - they make my day so much better!!!! Cute

Sydnie said...

Wow - our big girl now gets to sleep in her big crib! And she is a very hungry caterpiller!

Amy said...

He must be dying being away from you guys. Jeff had 5 weeks off when Nora was born, and it was torture for all of us when he had to go back. But how sweet her little pictures are. And nice that it's cool enough now to wear pajamas again!