Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo Who??

Last night Colby and I were booed! YEAH!! I opened the front door to turn off our spider web when I spied this on the porch!

This cute bag was fun of Halloween goodies for us!

To be booed is sort of like a chain letter but fun and I think everyone will participate. The Halloween letter tells us to make up two goodie bags for someone else in the neighborhood. Hopefully, everyone will get a fun Halloween decoration in the next week!

These are the two boo bags we made today to leave on two of our neighbor's porches for them to find.

I was trying to copy Martha's broom candy bags but they didn't photograph well :) We bought each one a sign, Halloween straws and bone candy.

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Oergel said...

I love the I've been Booed concept - think I'm going to start one at work on Tuesday!

lana and drew said...

Super cute! Congrats on being boo-ed... guess you're one of the more popular houses on the block.