Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another exciting Friday night

Friday night was wild and crazy in our neck of the woods! I picked up some cute placemats at Kohl's for Halloween.

Of course I couldn't leave them as placemats!

My new Halloween pillows!

Trying them out on the couch.

We hung up this spider web to get into the Halloween spirits, oh I mean spirt :) The neighbor's have been really stepping it up with some very impressive decorations! We will need to add to the front before the 31st!
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Oergel said...

You are a crafting genius! Love the pillows - the spider web looks great too! I still can't get over the pillows - too cute!!

Tracy said...

Holy crafty Batman! I am so impressed. You must start making tutorials. Before you know it you'll be a Blog Of Note!

lana and drew said...

I LOVE them! You're creative side is starting to blossom. Too cute. I want one!

Tracie said...

My My...those pillows ARE impressive! Good work. Love the spider web too...I need lights for my spider web.