Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our new yard ornament

This is the before picture. Kim's co-worker Keri was getting rid of this wonderful playset. We thought it would be a wonderful addition to our backyard (not knowing what one of these things actually weighs.)

Uncle Donny and Aunt Wendy were kind enough to lend us their truck, their tools, and their backs to help us get the playset moved.

Just getting it out of Keri's back yard was an event. Her husband Ken and a neighbor helped Donny and I lift it above our heads in order to get it past their fence. Here is the main part of the structure after it was loaded into the truck.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures on the other end of the move. That's because nobody had a free hand to shoot any. Wendy, Donny, Kim and I wrestled the set out of the truck and along the side of the house where we had about an inch to spare. After losing one of the aforementioned backs (sorry Wendy) we were able to get it into it's final resting place. I emphasize the word final because there is no way it is coming back out of the backyard.

I would show you finished pictures in the back yard, but it has not yet been reassembled. With all the neighborhood kids running around, we thought it would be best to finish the gates to create a secure area first. That's the plan for this weekend so hopefully there will be more pictures by Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed! :O)

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