Thursday, October 2, 2008

The O House

We had a great visit with Marc, Tracie, Olivia, Emma, and Marcus! The weather was amazing. Both Colby and I wish we lived closer ! Marc and Colby went to the EWU game on Saturday while I was at the meet and greet shower.

Monkey play! Marcus has grown so much and was very proud of his ability to pull himself up. I just can't get enough of his smile! It is so precious!

Whoah, I can stand holding on with one hand!

We watched Sunday morning cartoons with Emma, Olivia, and Marcus.

Got to love Emma's smile!

Rubbing Daddy's head for luck. It was so cute how Marc wasn't phased as the girls petted him and Marcus drooled a bit on him. Again I wish we all lived closer!!

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Tracie said...

Thanks for coming and hanging out with us. We wish we all lived closer together too.