Thursday, October 2, 2008

Light the Night

Colby and I are a little behind on posting. The last few weeks of September flew by! On the 20th we participated in the Light the night walk. We walked around Greenlake in honor of Dad S.

Ken standing for photos and autographs by his picture. Ken's balloon is white as he is considered a survivor as his transplant was successful. However it is still a long road to recovery and we can't wait for the 1 year mark to finally exhale a sigh of relieve.

We are off on the loop around the lake. They had lights inside of the balloons at dusk the walk began and the sky lite up! I am the one in the red hat and Holly is in white hat to my left. Brian and Tanner are directly in front of us.

Colby and I posing for our self-portrait. We just released our balloons into the sky. The picture didn't turn out well of it but we both made wishes.

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