Monday, October 13, 2008

Road trip!

This past weekend Uncle Donny, Aunt Wendy, Colby and I took a trip over the mountains to WSU!!!

We had quite an adventure! Here is Uncle Donny pumping gas in LaCrosse. Where is LaCrosse you may ask, well we don't quite know either! It seemed to pop up in the wheat field at the very moment we realized we were completely out of gas!

PeeWee Football was playing at the stadium. I think WSU will be recruiting from this team soon as we are on our 4th quarterback and the season is only half over...

The true reason for our visit was to spend time with cousin Erik and also my friend Corrie. Corrie was our personal tour guide! We went all over campus and ended up at the Art building so we could go down the graffiti staircase.

I even left my tag!

We headed out to Orchard road to pick pumpkins from the Agriculture department's orchard. Corrie was having a tough time deciding between the two. I even picked up a few and in a future post you will see them by the front door.

Saturday night we headed to The Coug for some light refreshments as we were all parched from our tour around campus.

Catching up with Corrie over some "apple juice" Keeping it PG for the fam :)

After light refreshments we headed to the bowling alley so Colby could show us all why he is the shizzle! Wendy gave him a good run for his money but in the end he pulled out the victory under immense pressure and avoided Coug'in it... His Eagleness showed through!

After the tough game we headed to My Office for some good ol' fashion fun!

Colby and I really enjoyed the trip!

We hope to visit again really soon!
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The amazing view from Corrie's house. Corrie, Uncle Donny, and I reminiscing over our time at WSU


Oergel said...

I believe the little mule made a pit stop under the same circumstances about 1997 with a load of freshman essentials. Remember the radio station? All in Spanish talking about Bill Clinton's birthday.... at least that's what we thought they were talking about!

lana and drew said...

AH Apple Juice. Sounds refreshing! :) looks like you guys had a fun time.

Tracy said...

Just like old times, huh? It looks like you guys had a really nice time.

laughter is the best medicine said...

okay, so i have been reminded of my two year crave for a couger country burger, lol!