Friday, August 5, 2011

Baylor James

Our family is proud to welcome it's newest member. Baylor James was born at 12:02 in the morning on August 4th. Kim's doctor called on the 3rd after she got some bloodwork back. The doctor was going to be out of town starting Friday for a week and she didn't thikn Kim would make it until she returned. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 Wednesday night for a scheduled 7:30 C-section. Unfortunately, the doctor got delayed in a prior surgery and someone else got into the O.R. before us. An hour later, as we were starting to walk out of the room to the O.R. we were told that we had been bumped for a mother that needed an emergency C-section. Another hour later it happened again, bumped for a more urgent surgery. Finally, at 11:00 we headed in for surgery. As with Elle, the anesthesiologist had trouble getting Kim set up but at 11:30 they started the procedure. By 11:50, the doctors started telling me to get ready for pictures and there was still hope that he would be born before midnight but, after some maneuvering, out came "Bubba" at 12:02. Pretty appropriate that the second child in our family is listed as being born at 0002 on all our paperwork.

Our first family picture :O)

Grandma and Poppa hung around at the hospital while Grami and Poppi were at our house with Elle

Baylor getting his first shampoo

He loved it and his eyes were rolling back in his head

First bath

He spent the entire time hanging on to the side of the tub

Quite a bit of hair. After the bath, the nurse combed it into a nice faux-hawk

The next morning, Grami and Poppi came in to meet Baylor and bring Elle to meet her brother

Elle checking to make sure Mommy was feeling better

Grandma and Poppa came in again too

Later, Tracy and Ceci got here

Ceci showing off her skills learned from helping with Gia

Brian, Holly and Tanner hanging with Baylor. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures with Lana, Liz, Myron, or Madelyn

Next up was Wendy and Donny with Great Grandma S. It was so great to see everyone and everyone here is doing great.
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Oergel said...

congratulations to you all! Baylor James is adorable. Love the bathtub pictures!

Linda said...

Congratulations!! Baylor is a very beautiful baby. Love the pictures. Glad all went well. Can't wait to see him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Glad all are well. Baylor is a very lucky little boy! Jon and Dorothy

lana and drew said...

So cute. I loved meeting my newest nephew. Congrats and can't wait to see you again!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Congratulations! Everyone looks terrific. Baylor is so healthy and strong looking!