Friday, August 12, 2011

A little tanning

Baylor's tan was a little too Jersey Shore and we were prescribed Home phototherapy or Bilibed.  The nurse came to our home and set us up with the Bilibed which Baylor had to stay on 24hrs a day with little breaks for feeding and changing.  His initial levels were 19.1 which is considered extremely high and we were told it could take 2 to 10 days for his levels to come down to a safe level. We were set up with daily nurse visits and given strict instructions as to how to help Baylor lower his Bili levels. 

After 24hrs, Baylor's levels had dropped to 13.4 and he had gained 3ozs!  They were quite impressed and took him off the Bilibed!  The nurse was amazed and came back the next day to check his blood again to see if he rebound and he had come down even more to 12.1 which is considered in the normal range and he had put on another 1.5 ozs!   Both Colby and myself were relieved at the quick progress Baylor made and so thankful for the wonderful traveling nurses! 
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Oergel said...

Amazing what they can do at home now! Glad everything is okay.

Ken and Sydnie said...

So happy it wasn't an ordeal that needed a trip back to the hospital.

Amy said...

Henry had to be in the bili box for 4 days! It was awful. I would nurse him with this little portable light pad on him, and then he'd have to go back into the box. I couldn't even take pictures of it because it made me so sad. So I'm glad baylor is doing so well. I knew you guys would have tons of people wanting to come see your new little man, and then we went out of town for 3 days, but I want to bring you dinner on Monday, kay?

lana and drew said...

I love he's doing his fist pumps. :)