Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here batter, batter!

I took the kids.  Okay, side note.  It sounds crazy to me still to say kids, plural!  Ha!  Anyways, I took the kids (hee hee) to see Colby's softball game.  He was the pitcher and did a great job!  The lost the first game but won the second one!

Baylor enjoyed basking in the evening sun.

Check out Elle in the background running around like mad.  She really enjoyed  the open space in which she could run her imaginary horse!

Grandma and Grandpa S even stopped by to watch the game.  Elle is showing Grandpa her new game on my iphone while Baylor told Grandma all his troubles.

Elle thought it was fun to sit in Baylor's carseat and rock with him.

Elle gave Daddy some love during the game.

After the game cheers!

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Oergel said...

Nice way to spend the evening! Love all the photo's.