Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York, New York

I had a work project in New Jersey over the 4th of July holiday and my coworkers finally persuaded me to go into Manhatten for the first time.

This is just after coming out of the subway from Hoboken, NJ where we parked.  We walked a few blocks to Central Park and as you can see the weather was perfect!



This is Belvedere Castle next to Turtle Pond

The aforementioned Turtle Pond

It was too late to head into the Museum of Natural History and it was under construction anyway.

We thought this was the building from Ghostbusters but it turns out we were a few blocks off.  Still a cool looking building.


We headed back through the subway system to Hoboken and found our spot to watch the fireworks over the Hudson.  Here's a great sunset picture and if you look close, you can see a blimp flying overhead.  We actually saw another one the next day with a different sponsor.

During the show, my coworker Brian and his girlfriend who he had brought on the trip wandered a little ways away.  When we met up with them after the show, she had a brand new engagement ring to show off.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Oergel said...

Great photo's of New York! Your photo's make everything look pretty darn historical. I forget that New York City was founded more than 200 years before our State. Very cool - thanks for sharing!