Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mudd Mountain Park

We ventured out to the park when Baylor was one week old.  It was a nice break from the norm and perfect evening for a picnic.

Colby took Elle to play in the water feature while I took pictures of Baylor.

Elle loved the water fall and splash pool!  It was hard to get her out!

Pretty sure Elle was trying to lure Colby closer so she could splash him!

Once we were over the water it was on to the toys!  This park is maintained by the Corps of Engineers and is super clean!

Trying out one of many slides around the park.

Walking  the plank over to another slide.

Posed for the picture and then she was off!

Higher Daddy, higher!

Jumping on the swaying bridge!

Next time you come to visit we will take you too!!!

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Oergel said...

Great outing! Fun photo's of Elle - and Baylor is so handsome. Great job catching his eyes open when he's so little!

Ken and Sydnie said...

We knew you would love this park when we found it! Can't wait to go with you.