Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Trip To The Zoo

Elle was given a Point Defiance Zoo pass for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa S.  We wasted no time activating it!  Elle got in a cat nap or should I say a bubba nap on the way in.


Neither Colby or I have been to this zoo in years and let me tell you it is fabulous!!  I forgot what an amazing view of the Sound from the entrance.  Plus free parking!  Really can you beat that??

As soon as we got in we were greeted by a Peacock!

Baby Leapords!  I think they were 7 days old! So dang cute!!

Elle was calling to the Monkey...

The Monkey started making his way over.

I am not sure who was more amused!  The Monkey or Elle!

After the Monkeys we headed over to see the Polar Bears!  My personal favorite as they are so amazing to watch in the water and boy did they put on a show for us!

I wanted a Coca Cola so bad and I wasn't sure why?

Elle was memesrized by the Polar Bear!

Elle measuring up against the baby bear.

Elle had to ride the carousel for her Birthday!  It went much better then last year!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa S for the wonderful birthday present!  We plan to get a lot of use out of passes!!!

On the way home we stopped at Green Valley Meats for some World Famous Beef Jerky!! Turns out Elle LOVES beef jerky just as much as her Momma!  The kind butcher gave Elle a huge piece to sample and she would not share even a small bite!

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Ken and Sydnie said...

Remember, it comes with guest passes - can't wait to go with you!