Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet, sweet revenge!

Bad goat was on the lamb last night! The llamas and bad goat had managed to jump over their fence and into the yard of their owner's home! Boy, did I ever feel karma was on my side!!

Please note the tree on the left with no flowers or leaves. 24 hours earlier it looked like the tree on the right!

Here bad goat is giving me the one eye chicken.


Sydnie said...

Is the evil red goat going to bring his friend the lama over to help destroy the yard? Or are these the "before I take a baseball bat to the intruding animals" photo.
Remember - only a few weeks till you can move away!
love- Mom

Tracie said...

Isn't karma great! Sure hope the animals stay away from you though. I'm concerned for your safety...that goat looks mean!