Monday, April 28, 2008

Sod, plants, and a front door!!

The house seems to change every time we go there! This past week we were excited to see the house really looked like a home. The front yard landscape was started and the back was almost finished! They delivered the appliances as well!
The only thing missing in the kitchen is the last few tiles behind the stove.
Looking out the back door at the yard.
The front door wrap was removed and the handle was on!
This is looking from the dining room at the stairs. We both really liked the angles of the half walls.
Colby checking out the smurf tubes. His IT degree at work! All I know is that the tube will allow us to have TV!!! Which we haven't had for 2 months and three days, not that I am counting or anything!

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Oergel said...

Gnomes and smurf tubes - this is the house of my dreams!