Monday, April 14, 2008

Still movin'

Well, we finally have proof that the house is still moving along even though we haven't been able to get inside to see it. Now that the cabinets and little detail items are in, they have locked the doors up. We will have to make appointments to walk through with our agent. We talked them into giving us the key for a few minutes on Friday and here are some of the new goodies we found.

This is the entryway tile Here is what our special backsplash looks like. We were pleasantly surprised with how they did the back of our bar area.

The tile on the fireplace is all done and looks great.
These two are of our master bathroom...

Kim is super excited about our guest bathroom countertop. I will even admit she made a good choice.
All the cabinets throughout the house are installed. Next time we will be measuring for all our appliances. Ready, set, shop!
All of the lighting fixtures are installed and we love the standard choices we got. I think they are exactly what we would have picked out anyway.
Here is the rock on the sides of the garage. I enjoy the different texture and depth of the bricks. it adds some character.

We are hoping to get out again on Wednesday so look for more updates later this week!!!

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Oergel said...

The house looks great! I love your tile backsplash. Very cool.