Monday, April 28, 2008

My, you even vacuumed for us!

Sunday's visit to the house was amazing! The house is ready for a quality control inspection. We were told there are only two more before the house will be ours!! They finished landscaping both the front and backyards! I am starting to envision the gardens we will plant! I would start now if they would let me! I am so darn excited, I want to bring a hose and start watering!
This picture was from Tuesday as we didn't take a new of the front this time. The stickers on the windows have been removed and everything has been cleaned!
Mom, I thought you would appreciate a picture of the vacuumed carpet! I thought they had very good form :)
Neat angle of the front window, and wall coming together.
Later this week we should know our new closing date. This week's QC will give them the final list of things to fix and finish before our walk thru!

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Oergel said...

The house is gorgeous!! Love the angles and the light. Can't wait to see it with your stuff in it - especially all the stuff at our house!! You guys are so lucky to have a new home for all of your wedding gifts.