Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Pie With Grami

Elle and Gia helped Grami make a huckleberry pie during Thanksgiving.  The huckleberries were courtesy of Wes, Poppi, Sophie, and Ceci from over the summer.  Gia and  Elle jumped right in helping.

Stirring while Grami grates limes.

Elle and Gia were excellent tasters as well!



Sophie and Ceci even joined in on the action.

They each took turns spreading butter on top.

Okay now Elle's turn

The a bit of cinnamon and sugar

Lime juice was made with the remnants of the lime.  The next series of pictures note Elle's facial expressions.

The pie rocked! We all plan to help pick huckleberries next year and we want more pie!!
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Oergel said...

That was the best huckleberry pie I've ever tasted. Good Job Elle and Gia!